I think that we need more sense of humour on the road

Many of us had experienced aggression on roads. Sadly, there are many angry drivers. They are aggressive and dangerous. Such situation might ruin the whole trip. Nevertheless, it is not only uncool. It is also quite dangerous. If you are mad, you cannot be focused on the road as much as you supposed to. Aggressive drivers are more likely to act dangerous on the road, while doing their best to tease another driver with such things as provoking to race or avoiding being overtaken.

Among the large quantity of hatry and aggression on the road, I observe also the manifestation of great sense of humor with great pleasure. Such acts become also more and more popular on our roads. They could take different forms.


Autor: Eli Christman
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com

For instance, I have seen that beautiful bus two weeks ago. It had many funny pics at the height of heads of passengers.

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Thanks to this, 1 passenger looked from the outside like he had Einstein’s wig. Some woman had her head exactly in the middle of the sunflower. That looked just fabulous! It was really funny way of refreshing usually boring buses. I am convinced that this cheered up not only me, but also other drivers who had noticed that bus.

A while ago I have seen a vehicle that was covered in car wrap nyc. As a result of wrap this looked like there were plenty of cute reptiles trying to squeeze this vehicle. This may sound creepy when I describe it, but both my son and I found it highly funny.
There are also plenty of really funny messages on the car. One of my favourite one goes: If you can see it, you are too close to my car. Human ingenuity has no bounds. Isn’t it fabulous?

I tjink that we need much more of such manifestations of great sense of humour on the roads. They could help in it. Presently, there are simply too plenty of aggressive drivers. I believe that with such comic acts at least some of these aggressive drivers could become less aggressive. And thiswould naturally raise the safety on the roads.
So, if you have any nice idea how to share the sense of humour on your car, do not be shy – just do this! Remember that it is good not merely for you but also for many drivers you pass by every day on roads.