The significance of protecting medicines from children’s hands

Children are curious about the whole world. They want to feel, try and examine all the things around them – it is normal at their age. Yet the trouble is, when they have contact with hazardous things, like drugs or chemical substances.


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How to prevent this situation?
The most meaningful factor is guardians’ caution. When someone at home is using some kind of medicine, it ought to be kept out of kid’s reach. The best way is to put it on some shelf. Yet even the best method can be underwhelming. Sometimes children are smarter than we suspect. Fortunately, pharmaceutical packaging producers care about children’s safety. CR packaging is applied in case of some drugs. There are official regulations attributed to the production of this kind of packages. The main goal is to forestall the possibility of opening. The pills are locked in a container with an appropriate screw cap. Often the way of opening is shown on the cup. A little force is required to open it. There is rather no possibility that a five years old daughter will be able to open it. It is not the only solution – for instance Lock4Kids is a technology, in which blisters are closed in the plastic tray and cardboard box. The box has to be squeezed in a proper way in order to reach the blister. Both hands are needed here, children cannot do it correctly.

Pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers prepare solutions that support guarding kids against precarious taking of pill. It does not mean that medicines can lie anywhere. They ought to be secured from children – it is a very important issue.