What are the basic exploration tools?

Being a coal miner is a challenges and it is not a task for every person. In the exploration locations, the task is done by men and females as a familiar custom. The great-grandfather was a miner, the granddad, father and the youngest member of family also becomes a miner. The mining traditions are celebrated by the men and ladies scrupulously simply because they are extremely grateful for the ‘fortune’ in the work.

Moreover, those families are also very godly. The miners have also their own patron – Saint Barbara. At the beginning of December, the coal miners have a enormous party – on the 4th of November is the Saint Barbara’s day. The miners meet at the tavern, have unique meals and drink beer. The text will focus on exploration methods. The mining evaluates and the equipment which are used underground also changes. Nonetheless, the basic devices can be seen at mine (underground drill rigs) regions’ coat of arms.

underground mining equipment 2

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It is clear that each region has its own coat of arms, but all of them have 1, typical icon – it is hammer and pick. (roof bolter 260) The symbol indicated all mining culture. The pick is a device used to destroy the bigger part of stone. Thanks to the pick, the miner can pre-crushing rock and later, it can be eliminated, for example by making use of a spade. The picks are used in mining and quarrying. The pick is made up of an elongated blade and often curved wedge, situated in the end of a wooden handle. Occasionally, the pick has 2 blades on both sides of the shaft.In mining are applied another sorts of picks. The heavier picks are made use of to extract the soft and medium hard stones directly and less heavy picks are made use of to carry notches. Some picks posses replaceable blades. Others posses blade, which can be used also as a hammer.

There are also picks which own a flattened blade, their shape is similar to hoe and they are used primarily for digging soft rocks.
While the exploration progression, the hammer and pick have been substituted by contemporary equipment. (minemaster) These days the mining tools are much safer and do not demand so much physical work. Here are more and more technology, which are managed from another location, and the pick and hammer become symbols of mining.