Medicine packaging – the main diversities between Europe and the US to realize

Packaging has to satisfy a list of aims, such as: conserve the product, prevent theft, be inexpensive, and maintain a balance between its performance and its price, both from the viewpoint of the material selected and the time taken to realize the packing.

From an ecological point of view, it is essential that materials are quickly recycled and used as little as possible.
Exist numerous products on the market that may be mistaken between each other as a result of similar forms, colors or labels. Medication packaging should vary noticeably from hygiene and food products. For instance, American tablet packaging confuses a drug with a food, and this is not a good idea… for the purchaser. Packaging for human medications is one of the major areas of design and research. And it would be great to consider that, in this matter, there are apparet diversities between Europe and the USA. Although health medical tourism poland care in the United States is a subject of individuals and insurance economic issues, in the majority of states in Europe it is governmental. This diversity alters the way medicines are seen by people. Therefore, US pharmacies offer a wide choice of medicines with a graphic design that in Europe is characteristic of mostly alimentary supplements.

On the other hand, in Europe, where the publicizing of medicines is much more stringent, the tablet packaging tends to fave a more practical appearance, with nothing fancy and no recommendations. The justification for this difference in marketing messages is simple: the package’s target in the EU are doctors, while in the majority of the US, the destination of the package is the patient.